Teletherapy and Tele Counseling Services Tupelo MS

Fair Park Counseling Is Highly Rated for Teletherapy Services in Tupelo, MS

Learn more about our Telethealth Services in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Alabama including Teletherapy, Tele Counseling and Online Video Counseling

Young Lady Smiling During Her Online Video Counseling Session - Teletherapy and Tele Counseling Services by Fair Park Counseling in Tupelo, MS

Fair Park Counseling Teletherapy and Tele Counseling Services Tupelo MS

Fair Park Counseling is pleased to offer clients and patients Teletherapy and Telecounseling in Tupelo, MS. Now, you or a loved one can take advantage of Teletherapy from home, your office, or while you are on vacation.

Teletherapy and Telecounseling Services Offered by Fair Park Counseling Include

Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling


Drug & Alcohol Services

Substance Abuse Counseling

Alcohol Counseling

Is Teletherapy Covered By My Insurance?

Fair Park Counseling in Tupelo, MS is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Preferred Provider. BCBS MS covers medically necessary telehealth services. Read on to discover more about Teletherapy and how it can benefit you.

A Short History of Teletherapy

While Telehealth, Telemedicine, Telecounseling, Teletherapy, Telemental Health, and Online Video Counseling may be unfamiliar terms and to many people, this service had its roots in psychiatric health services many years ago.

It is notable that one of the historical first uses of Telemedicine was in Mental Health. Below is a quote from the article; “The Evolution of Telehealth: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

“One of the earliest and most famous uses of hospital-based telemedicine happened in the late 1950s and early 1960s when a closed-circuit television link was established between the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute and Norfolk State Hospital for psychiatric consultations.”

Benefits and Advantages of Teletherapy and Telecounseling

Teletherapy Makes Counseling More Accessible

We live in a state with a large rural population. Teletherapy and Telecounseling are excellent choices for people who live in rural areas and/or people who have limited mobility. Fair Park Counseling in Tupelo, MS is leading the way in Accessibility to online counseling.

Teletherapy Saves You Time and Money

Life is fluid and often moves in ways we cannot control. It can seem difficult to fit counseling between work, family, and social obligations. When you consider the time and gas it takes to drive to your appointments, Telecounseling is a solid choice for a busy life.

Online Counseling Lends Itself To Consistency

As mentioned above, life can sometimes get hectic. Schedules suffer. Telehealth can help with consistency. No more missed appointments due to weather or tight schedules. Breakthroughs happen faster.  Schedule now.

Telecounseling Lends Itself To Flexibility

Lady with puppy in her lap during her online video counseling session. Teletherapy and Tele Counseling Services by Fair Park Counseling in Tupelo, MS

Telemental Health Services leads to consistency in your appointments, but greater flexibility, too. Imagine calling to set up an office appointment with a Licensed Professional Counselor only to hear that your only available time slots are not available.

Now, imagine calling a Counseling Practice to learn they do have slots for Teletherapy sessions and can accommodate almost any reasonable time frame through online video counseling. That changes the game.

If You Need Intense Therapy, Telecounseling is Perfect

As we learned above, Online Counseling offers flexibility. Also, you can schedule more sessions online if you need intense therapy. As we noted above, you don’t have to travel, which saves time and money.  A plus for the use of Teletherapy.

Teletherapy Can Also Help With Emotional or Mental Comfort

We see many situations and personalities. Some individual feel intimidated or uncomfortable on their first few office visits with their counselor. It’s not because patients don’t want help. It’s not because the counselor isn’t empathetic or caring.  Some take more time to open-up about their problems.

Many have become accustomed to meeting new people online through social media. Between platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, TikTok and more we have grown more comfortable sharing. We are in our comfort zones when we share on these platforms.

We find many patients open-up and are more forthright about their problems when in the comfort of their own home or their office for Video Counseling Session. This allows us to help you resolve your issues on a deeper emotional, mental, and psychological level.

What About The Safety and Security of Telemedicine?

We have seen the news about certain video platforms and their lack of security.  Client, security, privacy and safety are Fair Park Counseling’s number one priority.  

Fair Park Counseling has partnered with Simple Practice for hosting our Telecounseling platform. Their highly rated software encrypts all online video counseling end-to-end, and is HIPAA compliant.

Fair Park Counseling In Tupelo MS Now Offers Teletherapy and Tele Counseilng Powered By Simple Practice

Why Should I Choose Fair Park Counseling for Teletherapy and Tele Counseling in Tupelo, The State of Mississippi, or Alabama?

Fair Park Counseling rates excellent for counseling services in Tupelo, MS. Our caring, Licensed Professional Counselors are: accredited Marriage and Family Therapists, Substance Abuse Professionals, Master Addiction Counselors, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and we also have a Registered Nurse (RN) on staff.

We have over 60 years of combined experience helping individuals and families like you and yours. The staff at Fair Park Counseling is second to none, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to healing and recovery.

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